Hand Shadow

Arduino Project with 6 servo and 6 flex sensor for hand robotic shadow.

Version 2.0


Version 1.0




  • PIN =2;        // thumb
  • PIN= 3;         // index
  • PIN= 4;         // ring
  • PIN= 5;         // anular
  • PIN= 6;         // pinky
  • PIN= 7;         // rotation thumb

( from PIN to Groud)

  • analogPIN =2;        // thumb
  • analogPIN= 3;         // index
  • analogPIN= 4;         // ring
  • analogPIN= 5;         // anular
  • analogPIN= 6;         // pinky
  • analogPIN= 7;         // rotation thumb

Comments ( 16 )

  1. ReplyMGT

    which arduino is used ...... cant u provide schematics

    • ReplyLeonardo

      Arduino UNO. I try to post schematichs soon.

  2. Replyjoe

    what is the value for the flex sensors ?

    • ReplyLeonardo

      Straight (unflexed) resistance: ~9000 Ohm 90 degree bend resistance: ~14000 Ohm 180 degree bend resistance : ~22000 Ohm

  3. ReplyErnesto

    What about connecting to continious servos? Would it works?

    • ReplyLeonardo

      Why continious servos ? Yes work but not essential.

  4. ReplyArteng

    Hi congratulations by projects. In version 1, you bought the hand piece? May indicate the site? Thank you.

  5. ReplySuryansh

    Hi, your v.1 hand is cool an v.2 too but i am new in robotics. Can you post on your website how to connect all the parts?

  6. ReplyStanley

    Hola Gran proyecto espero lograr hacerlo ... =) saludos desde el Salvador!

  7. ReplyStanley

    Hi, i don't speak english so much but i have a question? you have the code of version 1.0.... can you give me please? greetings from El Salvador =D

  8. ReplyJames

    I've assembled everything while still waiting on the Arduino UNO to arrive. To you have the schematics for the perfboard? Or if you could just say what ports you put the servos and flex sensors in? Thanks a ton.

  9. Replypablo emmanuel de leo

    Me encanto, talvez lo haga. Suerte con mas proyectos.

    • ReplyLeonardo

      Thanks my friend

  10. Replyzoppi

    What resistance should I connect to flex sensor

    • ReplyLeonardo

      from 4.7 to 10 Kohm

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